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24 May 2011 @ 12:45 pm


Will close at 4,000 comments!

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Also, I want to express my warmest gratitude to crystalshard and maga_tan who have offered to compile a new Delicious archive for and update it regularly. They are currently working on it, but since they have to wade through several thousand comments it may take a while. Please be patient.


Delicious archive - currently in progress

We will also post our rules here. As you can see, they are pretty much the same as always, but they were spread around in pieces in the kinkmeme, so we're putting them in order now:

1.Please be respectful towards each other. Do NOT engage in any form of character bashing, kinkshaming and personal attacks. ALL kinks are welcome here, as long as they follow the rules of this kinkmeme.
2.Do not use the words “writefag” and “artfag”.
3.If you notice any wanking, don’t take part in it, PM the mods instead
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9.Try to post MOSTLY anonymously
10. Do NOT post fics that are not fills for an existing prompt. This is not a general fanfiction community, it's a kinkmeme.

Hello, everyone!
First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to everyone who celebrate them and Happy Holidays to those who don’t but celebrate something else I am not aware of!

I have a big announcement to make. Due to the recent debacle with livejournal’s overhauling of the comments layout, I have made the decision, in agreement with my co-mod crystal_shard as well as the approval of all people who sent me PMs to tell me so after my message to you earlier this week, to move this community to http://tronkinkmeme.dreamwidth.org/

There are several reasons for this decision:

1. Due to the lack of subject lines and proper thread links it has become nigh-impossible to navigate or moderate this community. A workaround of this problem was possible, had the administrator honeycuddles been around to change the community settings to have a custom S2 look that would’ve returned the subject lines. However, even if that had happened, this comment overhaul is just the first of several waves of changes that the livejournal staff has in store for us. You can see details here: http://manonon.livejournal.com/6816.html Under these circumstances we do not think it is a good idea to stay here.
2. Many, many people have already reported that the livejournal default layout is causing them migraines, eye-strain and on a few occasions even seizures. Visually impaired people are also reporting massive problems navigating the comments. I cannot in good conscious force something like this on our members.
3. As mentioned above, I cannot properly moderate this community the way it is – due to the lack of subject lines all email notifications I receive from it are identical to each other, as well as to the email notifications from communities I track that are in similar state. On any given day I receive about a hundred identical notifications. This is an organizational nightmare I have neither the time nor the energy to try and sort through.

I am going to be absolutely honest with you and confess that I have not, in fact, attempted to contact honeycuddles since this comment layout debacle started. It has been several days now and I have not heard anything from her, even though this is her community to begin with and as such it is her responsibility. What is more, I have not heard from her since her supposed return months ago. She stopped responding to my messages a few weeks after she “returned” and has been silent ever since. I am absolutely fed up with chasing after and begging her to take care of that which she created. I have done so time and again, including involving lj administration and frankly, my patience has run out. What is more, personally, I find it humiliating to have to beg someone repeatedly to show some responsibility only to be blatantly ignored time and again and I refuse to do so again.

When she first returned I asked her to either transfer control of the community to me or to someone else who was willing to take up that responsibility at her discretion. She essentially pretended I hadn’t even spoken and made me and crystal_shard moderators, then she disappeared again. That is fine, but a moderator cannot solve problems such as the one we are facing now as we have no access to the community settings. Also, even if honeycuddles were to miraculously return again (for a few days) nothing can guarantee that she would do so next time when there is a crisis.

And finally, I want to notify you all that in a week’s time, on 2nd Jan 2012 I will be completely freezing all the entries I have posted to this community here on livejournal. You will be unable to post in them at all. The reason for this is, once again, the lack of subject lines that completely hamper my ability to properly moderate the community. I cannot be responsible, as a moderator, for content I cannot moderate. I understand that this decision might cause concern and frustration and for that you have my utmost apologies. In the new community in dreamwidth I have a set up an entry specifically for WIPs from the old (i.e. the current) community which you can find here
Those who miss the one week deadline to leave an update message on their fill thread about where they will continue filling their prompts can send me a PM later on, I will temporarily unfreeze the entry they are posting to so that they can do so. Once again, I am truly sorry that it has come to taking such a drastic measure.

And finally, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the people who supported and helped me during the time I moderated this community here on livejournal, even and especially during the period when my position wasn’t official. I sincerely hope that you will continue to do so on dreamwidth as well. Also, I want to inform you all that crystal_shard will probably reassume her moderator role there and may be joined by one or two more people who have expressed a desire to lend us a helping hand with moderating and managing this wonderful community.

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(Anonymous) on July 5th, 2011 02:37 pm (UTC)
Any/Sam - "Reunion"
Have just re-watched TRON: Legacy. Am I the only one to think that the meeting between Sam and Kevin was just a little bit... Lacking? Sure, we've seen some surprise on Kevin's part, but Quorra seemed to be far more excited about Sam's presence. And the dinner talk, and the following fight did not help any... What if the talk between Quorra and Sam about Zuse did not happen? What if Sam just went out on his own, and no one knew exactly where?
Some things that are a must:
1. Disappointed!Sam
2. Some mulling on Sam's part as to whether Clu was right or not. After all, ISO's appeared spontaneously, just like many bugs do, and wasn't Clu tasked with creating a perfect system? And anything else you might wish to add.
3. Sam should DEFINITELY get into some trouble in the city, and maybe end up meeting Zuse/Castor anyway. It's up to you.
4. Sam attempting to tamper with the Disk. Bonus points for him messing something up (like, damaging or deleting memory), but nothing overly extreme - as we see in the movie, Sam is a pretty good programist, if he manages to routinely break in, supposedly, well-guarded soft company... Bonus points if the glitch gives him glowy lines on his body (or circuits, if you prefer them)
5. No further contact with his dad.
6. Another meeting with Clu, maybe with a different result this time? I'm kind of fond of the Older brother!Clu idea =)) But in a creepy, obsessive-ish way.
(Anonymous) on July 5th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion"
Yes! I agree with this completely. It seemed like Sam was pretty hurt and bewildered by his father's reaction, too.

I love like, all of these points. Seconded! (I am imagining a creepy, sympathetic olderbrother!Clu doing a complete 180 on his approach to Sam after finding out Sam feels he was rejected by Flynn too. His arm around Sam's shoulder, Flynn's always like that, man, let me show you around the system...)
(Anonymous) on July 5th, 2011 04:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion"
Yep, and I imagine Clu would have no idea what constitutes as "brotherly" in user-terms... I think Sam would end up throughly creeped out...
(Anonymous) on July 5th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion"
Crap. I've got the start of this in my head. And some of the middle.

DX Other stuff to write...
(Anonymous) on July 5th, 2011 08:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion"
(Anonymous) on July 6th, 2011 06:09 am (UTC)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion"
Same possibly-doing-something anon as above...

You list these as a must; would you want a fill or partial fill that didn't include them all? I'm mainly having trouble with point 2, at least the way it's presented-- in my headcanon, Sam's far better at the programs=people thing than Flynn is, and I'm having serious trouble imagining a Sam who would think "eh, genocide coulda been the right thing there", especially after Quorra already saved his ass once.
astyandelacroixastyandelacroix on July 6th, 2011 06:58 am (UTC)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion"
Revealing myself because the thread WON'T show comments otherwise.
I see your point, but I didn't quite mean that Sam should think that... Merely ponder the reasons WHY Clu would do what he did to ISO's, perhaps try to see things from the admin's point? I am of opinion that ISO's appearance quite possinby could've been followed up by glitches and bugs. Not an excuse for homicide, true, but that's a human's opinion, no?
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion" - smiley_anon on July 6th, 2011 07:46 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: Any/Sam - "Reunion" - astyandelacroix on July 6th, 2011 07:51 am (UTC) (Expand)
smiley_anon: Quorra: reflections and shadowssmiley_anon on July 6th, 2011 09:09 am (UTC)
Extraordinary Voyages [1]
-_- I have way too much other stuff I should be writing... damn you, AUs and your infinite "but what would happen!?" potential. :D

Right, this is the first chapter--more prologuey than anything, though. Warning to all, I may be slow with updates due to needing to go write other stuff. If any faster (or otherwise) anon wants to do something for this, feel absofrackinglutely free.

“I really think you should consider your father’s wisdom.”

Her words were quiet, eyes fixed on the user as she spoke. On Sam. He was so different from Flynn. Rash. Unpredictable. In many ways, simply ignorant.

Quorra liked him.

He met her gaze squarely, brow still furrowed with anxious frustration. His response was direct. Unflinching. “I have.”

She looked back a moment longer, then blinked, head dipping in a nod as she turned to walk off. He was resolved, then. And if that fact, that knowledge, that promise of action set a thrill through Quorra’s circuits, if her processing surged with glee as she broke, even so slightly, from the paths of stability and calm discipline she had learned to follow… Sam had still chosen freely.

She glanced to the side as she entered her room, through the paired windows towards the guest room. Flynn had said there were no guests, and of late it had been true. Of late? Faint tension lined her jaw before flickering back to impassive calm. For over four hundred cycles, it had been true. The last allies to be brought here were derezzed long ago. Or perhaps they had simply given up hope. Had decided to wait, to bow beneath the will of a murderer, cheer for the slaughter of those who fought, those who tried—

Quorra refocused, eyes flickering as she forcefully redirected her own processing.

It was wrong of her to devalue the patience of others.

She could see Sam standing, through the windows. His head shook slightly, tension lining his form. He wanted to leave. To act.

She was going to help him.

She turned away, reached out to touch the vertical plane of her drawer. It accepted her recognition code and ejected, sliding out in offering. There were several items on the flat surface—keepsakes, gifts. Things she treasured.

Her hands unerringly went toward the central object—a book. Les Voyages Extraordinaires. Jules Verne. She half smiled as she opened it, hand gentle on the cover. She never had understood Flynn's fascination at her facility with user languages. They were such simple code to translate.

But they weren’t the knowledge Quorra was after now.

The sector map was a short way in, and she lifted it with care. Her gaze met itself as she lifted her head, reflecting off the mirror in front. She stared a moment. Her image stared back. The same image, the same self in this place of quiet reflection for… so long.

Programs don’t change. Not without intent. Action. They learned and grew. ISOs most easily, though she’d known Basics to adapt astonishingly well to circumstances far beyond their directives. But their outer shells were unchanging. Static throughout time. They could be reskinned, recoded. Most could alter themselves.

Quorra had never seen a reason to alter herself.

She'd changed all the same. Her soft sigh broke the silence, hand tightening on the map she held. She could go with Sam. Could help him. Fight with him. Zuse would be of aid, could tell Sam more of the city than she herself knew now—but he could still use her by his side.

Flynn needed her to stay.

Quorra turned abruptly, boots clicking against the floor as she stepped quickly towards the door. Her head dipped, rose, turned to the side.

She stopped.

Quorra stared. Head tilted, mind looping in shock. Confusion. And then, as the humming audio whine surged and faded, her bewildered processing froze with overwhelming dread.

Sam was gone from his room.

And that sound was a lightcycle.
astyandelacroixastyandelacroix on July 6th, 2011 09:14 am (UTC)
Re: Extraordinary Voyages [1]
Yay! Thank you SO much! *teary-eyed* a wonderful beginning... heh. This story goes to alerts *cackles madly*
Pardon my insanity)
noctavalnoctaval on July 6th, 2011 03:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Extraordinary Voyages [1]
Awwwww yes! I can already tell this is gonna be exciting. ♥
grey_swgrey_sw on July 7th, 2011 03:15 am (UTC)
Re: Extraordinary Voyages [1]
Wow. Awesome Quorra POV! Can't wait to see more.
(Anonymous) on July 8th, 2011 10:50 pm (UTC)
Re: Extraordinary Voyages [1]
oooh, good!! definitely keeping an eye on this one.

(@gingermaya: lookit!!! i anonned!!! lol)
smiley_anon: it's not old it's vintagesmiley_anon on July 26th, 2011 07:55 am (UTC)
Extraordinary Voyages [2a]
…Frack it all, posting what I’ve got so far. -_- I kept trying to wait until I had the whole chapter before putting it up, but I’m coming to the conclusion I just don’t write as quickly that way. :P Dunno. Anyways: most of a chapter! Thanks for the reviews, and sorry for the wait!

Also—this fic will be huge. O.o I tried plotting out chapters and got to 14, with maybe 2/3 of the plot done? I don’t even know.

Sam was done waiting.

The dark stone of the outlands sped by out the windows of the enclosed lightcycle. Sam hunched forward, hands gripping tightly as he jerked sideways, taking the turn more quickly than was probably safe. But hey, Quorra had called this ‘the fastest thing on the Grid’. Or off-grid, apparently. He was just putting it through its paces.

He shook his head, jaw tensing grimly. Quorra. He’d thought she was with him. For all that she’d defended his dad’s inaction, her own enthusiasm for the do-nothing plan had seemed lacking at best. Honestly. She’d busted into the packed arena to save his ass, brought grenades to a disk-fight against Clu and his lackeys, and now she wouldn’t lift a finger to try and save them all?

Too busy ‘considering my father’s wisdom’.

He snorted. His dad’s wisdom was what had started this mess in the first place. Though really, that wasn’t even what pissed him off. Forget the warping into a computer with no resettable exit. Forget how he spent years worldbuilding here without telling anyone outside. Hell, he could even get past the bit about creating a genocidal dictator.

Nah, what pissed Sam off was how his dad refused to try.

He wouldn’t leave the outlands. He wouldn’t fight Clu. And now, with the portal open, the first chance he’d had in decades, Kevin Flynn wouldn’t so much as think about going home.

Well, Sam wasn’t his father.

The lightcycle came up from a short ravine, and Sam gave a sigh of relief at the city lights not far ahead. He’d tried to trace Quorra’s route backwards, but lost track pretty quickly and wound up navigating by instinct through the winding rocky shelves. The general direction was pretty clear, and he’d checked it through the occasional rises, but it was good to have his path confirmed.

He squinted. And… yeah, that looked like a road there. Wide, lit, black and shiny. Not the way he’d left, but that was just as well—he really didn’t want to have to try that chasm-jumping in reverse. Plus, landing back in the arena would probably end poorly.

He jerked on the throttle as he reached the base of the wide bridge, noting the red-orange figures stationed above. Sentries, right? He grimaced as one reached down, tapping something into a control panel as he sped past. Well, he hadn’t really expected to get to the city completely undetected. He’d just have to lose any attention on the streets. How hard can it be?

In retrospect, that was probably the wrong attitude.

If he’d passed the first watchers without (much) reaction, Sam drew slightly more interest barreling through the checkpoint at the bridge’s far end. It was—had been—relatively orderly, a neat line of programs in blue and green converging on another small opening flanked by orange-glowing guards. The order shattered with shouts of alarm as he sped through the gap; he flinched as a dark blue figure froze in his path, then sighed in relief as another program tugged them out of the way.

He reached the nearest corner, rounded it (hardly slowing) and tried to make distance. Surprise would get him a ways, and those sentries might hesitate to leave their position, but he didn’t doubt someone would be after him fast. A ramp, a street, a back alley flickered by as the vehicle thrummed under his grip. He grinned despite himself. This was a beautiful machine.

A black wall stretched up across his path as he cornered, and his smile dropped with a curse. Sam braked sharply, turned back to take the nearest right. Keep moving. Lose… whoever would be following.

This would be so much easier if I knew where I was going.
smiley_anon: Glowstick Samsmiley_anon on July 26th, 2011 07:58 am (UTC)
Extraordinary Voyages [2b]
The portal. He rolled his eyes. Clear enough. He’d known that much starting out. It was the steps between ‘steal lightcycle’ and ‘warp out’ that required… improvising. The portal was past the city—a ways past, if the view from his dad’s hideout said anything. He needed information. Faster transport, ideally. He glanced up as a recognizer soared past overhead. I wonder… Sam’s lips quirked up in a smirk before he shook his head. Probably too well-watched. But hey, he could dream.

He pulled out onto a larger street, slowed to glance up and down it. This seemed to be one of the more populated areas, programs passing both directions in a steady stream of glowing lights. Sam paused. Looked at the crowds. He could deactivate the cycle. Try to blend in on foot.

But something about the plan made him hesitate—and after a moment, he realized what. The programs in this area were attired… casually? Not in bodysuits with glowing target marks. They glowed, sure—in strips and lines and little patches on jackets, shoes, uniforms. But combat jumpsuits were apparently less popular.

Except for… yeah. Okay. His gaze fixed on a pair of red-orange sentries rounding a corner, identical circuitry burning a contrast against the blackness of their suits and half-concealing helmets. One held some sort of readout or display, the other turned his gaze through the crowd in smooth scanning motions.

They were getting closer. Right. Time to do… something. Sam slowly backed the lightcycle further into the alley before popping the hatch. He left it running (might need to bolt), stepped out and approached the corner, gaze panning the nearest passerby before checking back down the street.

Shit. The orange-lit guards—Clu’s people—were barely a block away now. Sam’s throat tightened with alarm, and he reached out to the closest program, a stiffly held man whose dark clothes were splashed with greenish highlights.

“Hey, man.” Smile. Sam needed to smile, not grimace with nervous desperation. “It’s—”

“Do I know you?” The program’s voice was rough, tense beneath the faint electronic distortion that seemed so common here. He took a step back, arm jerking out from under Sam’s grip.

“No, but—” they were closing, turning, scanning—he raised his hands in a placating gesture, eyes fixing on the program’s own, “—look, do you want to trade?”

A dark eyebrow rose incredulously, the program’s face creased in confusion, suspicion. “I’m sure I don’t—”

“A lightcycle.” What did he think I was… Sam really didn’t have the time to think about that now. “Look, it’s right over there, just give me—” his gaze flicked over the program “—your jacket. And it’s yours.”

Given that look he was getting… Yeah, probably for the best I didn’t try for his pants, too.

The program took another step back, and Sam’s hand curled at his side with nervous tension as he held himself back from following. Dark eyes appraised him up and down, lingering on his armor, flicking sideways to the parked vechicle. The program smirked.

“Sorry, not that desperate. Try a few sectors down.”

Sam swore under his breath, moved forward as the program stepped back into the crowds and turned his back. He could hide, could blend in, if that asshole would just—

He flinched as the shout cut through the crowds behind. A warning. An alert.

Game over. Try again?

He aborted the forward motion, dodged sideways instead, hopping into the lightcycle seat. The hatch locked shut, and he sped out onto the street. He crouched low, pushed past the crowd, faces outside flitting by in tiny blurs. The enclosed design should protect against thrown disks; he could make the intersection, turn right, lose his pursuers through distance and speed so long as—

The surge and whine of rezzing engines sounded from behind, and Sam grimaced. Sighed. Refocused.

He could play this game too, if he had to.

Not like I didn’t, before.
Extraordinary Voyages [2c] - smiley_anon on July 26th, 2011 08:03 am (UTC) (Expand)
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Re: Yes! - smiley_anon on August 1st, 2011 11:59 am (UTC) (Expand)
smiley_anon: Flynn programmingsmiley_anon on August 1st, 2011 12:25 pm (UTC)
Extraordinary Voyages [3a]
Onwards to glory! Or, y'know, lack thereof. 'specially considering who we're dealing with now...

(rest of chapter shall exist soon; there's probably just one chunk left)

Water lapped against the shore in gentle waves.

The sounds were clearest. Bird calls, rising and falling in a cacophony of wordless voices. The faint rush of moving water, swelling and fading with unseen currents. There were shapes, as well. The surface of the liquid, dark perfect ripples that fragmented reflection. Sky above, ground below, the round contours of the stone in his hand. He tossed it up, caught it. Turned with an easy smile.

Shapes, sound, but too little substance. It was an echo, a faint trace of fading memory and thought. Dream. He didn’t mourn its passing—he knew better. To cling to memory, to be lost in what was and what could have been—that way lay madness.

Still. As his dream self smiled and reached down, reached out to the faded ghost beside him, the moment cut sharper than ever before. An echo reaching to a memory—dim, hazy, painful in presence and absence both.

He wished he could remember his son’s face.

Flynn opened his eyes. Another dream, another distant picture of what had been rising to the surface. But the blurred and distant boy wasn’t his son, not anymore. Sam was grown, aged, changed. Had a new face. He grew up without me.

He turned, rose to sitting, exhaled softly as he stared ahead. Twenty years. More. Far more in here, the hundreds and hundreds of cycles spent waiting, calming, biding his time. He’d come to the brink of madness more than once, come close, again and again, to throwing it all away. To leaving, giving up, letting Clu win their silent patient game. He was tired. It was, as Sam had put it, ‘a hell of a way to live’.

But it is a way.

He sighed, head turning to the balcony where they had stood and argued. Sam. As long as he had waited, as great a trek as it had been for him, from desperation to denial to acceptance… those twenty years seemed longer. More real. While he had lingered, trapped in his hall of mirrors and illusion, Sam had grown. Had lived. His son was an adult, someone he had never gotten a chance to know.

Plenty of time now.

The white floor was cool beneath his feet as he stood, strode across the unlit emptiness of the room. He had been too hard on Sam, he knew. Harsh. Angry, even. He had almost forgotten what it was like, to feel so sharply. But Sam stoked the fires, dragged up old wishes and promises and useless hopes to the surface. Disturbed the waters.

Kevin Flynn hadn’t known how strongly he still yearned for the world.

He paused by the barrier, stared briefly at the star on the horizon. It was impossible. Flynn knew that; he had accepted that. So why does it still hurt? A faintly bitter smile curved up before the ripple faded to impassive calm. Despite everything, it seemed life hadn’t moved him fully past his own wants and hopes either.

With time, everything fades.

Flynn turned, steps even, heart just faintly quickened as he moved towards the hall. He should see Sam. Talk to him. Apologize, perhaps. His own calm had come at the cost of years and study; he couldn’t expect his son to understand so soon. Flynn would help Sam. Guide instead of chastise. Maybe, just maybe, be the father he should have been.

He could try.

A shape stepped back from the door, turned from it, and Flynn blinked in surprise as he met Quorra’s gaze. Her own eyes widened, hand dropping from the handle to clench uneasily, a nervous gesture undiminished by hundreds of cycles of attempted discipline. Flynn let a smile spread across his face as he gazed fondly at his student.

“You spoke with him, then.”

Quorra swallowed, eyes dropping as she opened her mouth. Closed it. She nodded instead, the motion jerky as her circuits flickered slightly. Flynn felt his brows raise at the unusual display. Looks like I’m not the only one Sam’s managed to agitate.

The smile twitched for a moment with genuine humor. He was beginning to think his son had a talent for that kind of thing. “What did he say?”
Extraordinary Voyages [3b] - smiley_anon on August 1st, 2011 12:27 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(Deleted comment)
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