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Okay so a few good pieces of news, then some serious business.

First of all- we have affiliated with tron_slash! The fic over there is amazing, so be sure to check it out.

Next- We finally got the Delicious together and are working diligently to include all prompts and fills. We apologize that it took so long but both mods had some RL drama with the holiday season.

Also we created a Fill post for Round One and will do it for each round. It will help make it easier to find fics and it will make it much easier to post the new fills on the Delicious.

And now for the serious business- some people have been using terms like "writefag". I'm going to leave the posts up that have used that language thus far, but any further prompts that use "drawfag" or "writefag" will need to be removed. This is a place of love and some people might find that offensive. I know no offense is meant, but it will just be better for everyone if we curb that stuff now.

Thanks guys! Keep on posting! :]
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