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24 May 2011 @ 12:45 pm


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(Anonymous) on November 2nd, 2011 03:35 am (UTC)
Tron and Yori
One thing that kinda bugged me about the original Tron was how Yori seemed a bit like a drop-in love interest--Tron had never mentioned her beforehand and he randomly finds her and they escape together. I know Tron was in a prison cell and Yori was busy being brainwashed, but still.

So, fellow anons...How'd they first meet? What was it about her that drove Tron to infiltrate the ship to save her?
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 2nd, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
Re: Tron and Yori
The novel goes into a bit more, but I'll add to my challenges. I've got a bit of head canon in that regard. BTW, Ridyr is as bad as me when it comes to that pairing. This one goes into some of the early days, but not the meeting.

weber_dubois22 (aka "Sakura123") has one about the pair of them meeting.
(Anonymous) on November 2nd, 2011 08:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Tron and Yori
Thanks! :)
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 5th, 2011 10:19 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 1
Title: “Bundled”
Author: Allronix
Rating: K (nothing explicit)
Prompt: http://tronkinkmeme.livejournal.com/5506.html?thread=4998018#t4998018
Summary: It's a love match that survived over a thousand cycles, two oppressive regimes, and Rinzler...but how did it begin?

The lights were going out all over the system, and it was only a matter of time before the lights would go out around her, too.

Yori did her tasks as she always did. She lived on the lab server, tied to the laser project. As Walter-1 and Lora-3 fed data through the system, it was her duty to analyze the input, repair anything that was damaged or corrupted by the process, and render the data into simulations. As it stood, she was overseer and head maintenance utility on the server.

When her Users did not need her services, she returned to her quarters. It was spacious, impeccably designed, and lonely. Sometimes, she would go out to the city or socialize with other lab Programs, forgetting their duties and the disturbing news from the other sectors, but it would always end here – with her looking out her window at a city with fewer and fewer lights.

Nothing was keeping Master Control in check. Despite being confined to a docking port, he seemed to have insidious tentacles of influence through every sector and every network. Nothing was untouched by his influence. Programs were vanishing. Some who returned were little more than drones, and some never returned at all. Red-lined infiltration countermeasures watched everyone from beneath face-concealing helmets. Dumont's tower was still a beacon of hope, bright indigo light reaching up into the digital sky. Yori dreaded the microcycle she would see that light extinguished.

Users, hear us. Please bring us some hope. Tell me what I can do to fight this!

And that's when she felt it; an overwhelming pull towards the I/O Tower, curiosity and a need to know. It was Lora-3's Call. But it wasn't the usual time on the system she would normally be Called. What was going on?

Yori nearly ran for the door, half-daring to hope, and half-dreading what might be coming.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 5th, 2011 10:26 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 2
“You've been working on what?” Lora thought nothing could shock her. Between some of the things she and Walter were uncovering in the lab, and the stunts her college boyfriend liked to pull...

“A new security program,” Alan answered, pushing up his glasses. He paced the floor of their apartment's living room. “I haven't told anyone about it, not even Roy or Gibbs. I can't risk word getting to Dillinger, and I won't tell him until he forces my hand.”

“You didn't even tell me until now,” she pointed out. “And I live with you, Alan!”

“I know. Again, I didn't want word getting to Dillinger. I can't prove it, but I think he's been stealing other people's work and getting into things he shouldn't.”

“We can go to Walter. It's still his company.”

Alan continued pacing, stopping at the window. “That's the problem. I don't have proof, just suspicions. Come on, Lora. Do you really think he came up with Space Paranoids? And then there's Roy's insurance software he was upgrading for the Athelon company. Missing – no trace in the system where it went. We have accounts with major financial firms, state government, the Pentagon. If someone on the inside is tampering with that, I don't even want to think of the damage that could cause. Worse, everything is having to go through that damn Master Control Program that's the lovechild of HAL-9000 and AM with nothing to watchdog it.”

“Why tell me now?”

“Because the lab server is one of the few systems Master Control isn't in command of yet. Dillinger won't dare – not when Gibbs can still fire him. I want to hide Tron there, at least until I complete the last set of upgrades.”

Lora knew there was a catch. “What else?”

“Tron has no debugging functions. It can shut down tampering and unauthorized access, but it can't repair any damage left behind. I'll need to bundle it to a maintenance utility and have the programs work in tandem to uncover and stop whatever's going on.”

Lora read between the lines. “My Yori program.”

“I'll understand if you don't want to get involved,” he said. “As I said, I don't have proof. Lora, I wouldn't ask this unless -”

“And what if you're wrong, Alan?” she asked, getting up from the sofa and walking up behind him. He was a darling man, truly, but she knew his overdeveloped sense of responsibility extended into a mindset where he seemed always alert for potential trouble.

“If I'm wrong? The best case scenario is that I'm just being paranoid and that the lab server and your laser get a little additional protection.”

“The worst case?”

Alan turned around and hugged her. “I'm not going to think about that – not this time. Tron's almost ready to fully launch. Just a couple more weeks.”

“I'll help,” she said, rubbing his back. “Don't eat yourself up like this. This stuff with Dillinger – it's just company politics. It'll blow over.”

But even as she said it, she didn't fully believe it.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 14th, 2011 12:13 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 3
When Tron had been rezzed to life, it was at the main tower on the central server. The old Guardian Dumont regarded him with pride.

"I welcome you, Program, to the Encom system. From nothingness, all things are created, and we return to the Void when our existence ceases. The purpose of a Program is to follow their directive, as given them by the Users. The Users write us in lines of code and threads of logic, and in the process, a tiny spark of their energy and spirit is given to us. This is what gives us life, and this is how we know them. It is through this spark that we hear them when they call, and we know that they have created us to serve them..."

He knew his directive, like all Programs did. It was to defend the System against any threats, both from outside the System and from the inside. However, the focus of his directive took shape from the moment he heard the wizened Guardian speak to him about the Users. Users, he knew, were unseen and wise beings that could speak to Programs from a place beyond the Void, holding the power of life over them, calling them from a realm unknowable.

Alan-1 was just as unseen and unknowable as any User, but his wisdom and care showed through. Even though Tron was still in beta, he had been crafted with a strong but dexterous shell, standing out from the normal countermeasure Programs who were crafted from the same templates; gigantic and strong, but sluggish in thought and movement, all virtually indistinguishable aside from their circuit patterns. He had also been granted an incredible degree of autonomy, both in his thoughts and his ability to act on those thoughts. For that alone, Tron was grateful.

In idle moments, Tron tried to process what his creator would look like, only to dismiss the thoughts as soon as he caught himself going too far into hypothetical scenarios. Of course, a User would never make themselves visible or manifest in the Program's world. If they did not walk among their creations, then Tron decided that his directive would be to defend and protect the system in their name.

Lightcycle rezzed, disk on his back and ready, he sped into the fringes of the system, his last command from Alan-1 running through his processors– follow, observe, scan, but do not interfere until Alan-1 gave the command to do so.

He dialed down the settings on the lightcycle, enabling him to run silently through the low-res canyons and pixellated cliffs. Spying on the other security Programs seemed an odd request, but Tron had a feeling deep within his spark that Alan-1 had a greater plan for him.

Alan-1 surely knows about Master Control. He must know how bad it's becoming in this system. He said I was created to defend the system - not only from outside threats like normal countermeasures, but from inside as well.

Reaching the edge of a cliff overlooking the normal security sweep, Tron de-rezzed his cycle and clipped the baton to his hip. The jagged surface had many handholds and crevasses. Using them to scale as low as he dared, Tron ducked into one of the caves and waited.

He did not have to wait long. The patrol, a dozen Infiltration Countermeasures and a Kernel, marched in double-file through the canyon. Outwardly, they still still wore the blue of User Believers, a faction that was becoming distressingly rare. Other than that, it merely seemed to be a routine sweep.

Tron allowed himself to breathe a sigh of relief. If the security patrols were still loyal to the Users, then there truly was nothing to fear and he could assure Alan-1 that Master Control still had a check on its rule over the System.

The patrol stopped abruptly right below his hiding place. “Hold!” shouted the Kernel.

Tron scowled. There was no threat he could detect and no reason for them to be stopping. Within a micron, he saw why- the purple surface of the opposite cliff wavered and pixellated like a mirage and a second group of countermeasures marched through. This group – equal in number and armament to the other patrol, was lit in the red-orange of Master Control's followers. The leader of Master Control's fighters was a tall, thin-faced Program in heavy armor with elaborate circuitry, burning brightly and flaunting his large power expenditure.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 14th, 2011 12:32 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" Part 4
The blue countermeasures drew their weapons – light pikes and disks – ready for confrontation. The Kernel, strangely, did not draw his.

“Kenrel, you have something to report?” said the red-lit Program.

“I do, Commander Sark,” he said. “There are openings in sectors Beta-eight, Kappa-nine, and Sigma-three. Shutdown signals have already been deployed to sectors Alpha-eleven and Phi-one.”

“Excellent,” Sark said. “Then it's time.”

The Kernel knelt, the blue of his circuit lines flickering as the false permissions were removed and the blue mask melted away into red as Tron watched in horror. A second group of countermeasures walked through a glitch in the canyon walls to flank the unfortunate group from the rear.

The User-Believer countermeasures dropped into defensive stances, but they were leaderless, outnumbered, and surrounded.

“Kernel!” shouted one. “You betray us?”

The Kernel rose and faced his men. “Surrender and you will live. Resist and be de-rezzed. This is a new Order, and we serve only our own. Cast off your superstitions about the unseen Users and serve only Master Control.”

A script that looked barely out of beta snarled. “Traitor!”

The fight had begun. Sandwiched between Sark's thugs, the User-Believer security programs didn't have a chance. They fought valiantly, but within a nanosecond, four of them had fallen to the attackers.
Tron had his orders to observe, but he also had his directive to fight in the User's name. In the end, core directive overrode temporary orders, and he leaped in from his hiding place, disk flying from his hand before he even hit the ground. It hit the traitorous Kernel smack in the chest, breaking through armor and sending him to the Void.

“Who is that?” One of the blue-lit Programs asked.

“I don't know, but he's on our side!”

Tron barely paid attention to them as the disk sailed back to his hand just in time to block a disk blow coming for his head. The disk itself shattering on impact, he returned fire, smashing a second foe to voxels. Two of them came at him with their paralyzing pikes. One hit from the pike and he would be as good as de-rezzed, but they were fortunately slow-moving and he could use his speed and the cliffs to his advantage, dodging their attempts to jab him and doing a carefully-timed back flip to get out of range. Leaping up on the cliffs to give himself a height advantage, he began sniping down on them, de-rezzing one outright and crippling another by shattering his leg.

This new addition to the fight certainly got the attention of Commander Sark. Breaking away from the melee, he focused his attention on the new player, chasing Tron onto the maze of plateaus and platforms on the cliff.

“You're in my way, script,” Sark said, firing his disk wish a spiral flourish that sent it spinning for Tron's legs and forcing him to leap off the platform he'd been sniping from back to the ground.

He returned fire, but Sark was able to block it effortlessly, and the disk went sailing back to Tron's hands.

“A challenge, then?” Sark taunted. “Unless you care to join us.”

“I fight for the Users, Sark,” Tron snarled, crouching low and dodging the bulkier Program's attempt to wedge him into an inescapable position against the canyon wall. “Not for Master Control, and never for you.” To punctuate the statement, he rolled out of the way of Sark's disk attack and fired back. The blow hit Sark's forearm, and glanced off armor, but obviously succeeded in wounding the other Program.

Sark hissed with pain. “You've earned your termination, Program.”

While he was battling with Sark, the other countermeasures had been de-rezzed or had dropped their disks in surrender, with the other red guards trying to close in. Worse, the bugs and system flaws in that sector left it wide open for more to follow.

Strong as he was, he could not expect to fight them all, and if he did not survive, he could not warn Alan-1 as to the danger. Taking advantage of his greater mobility, Tron ran as fast as he could, vaulting onto the cliff and up through the maze of platforms, scrambling away. With their bulky armor, the other attackers could not follow.

He rezzed up his lightcycle at the top of the cliff and sped away into the city. Tron knew it wouldn't be the last he'd see of Sark.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 14th, 2011 01:06 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 5
The Tower Guardian on the Group Seven server looked at him with a sneer when he approached. The Guardian already had changed her loyalties, her elaborate caftan lined with reddish-orange. She did not even give the benediction when he asked for access, merely waving him through with disinterest.

How could Sark and the others turn their backs on this? How can they reduce the world around them to nothing but the pursuit of power?

It did not matter, not when he entered the chamber and knelt on the dais. Light and warmth surrounded him and he felt Alan-1's presence. It was like breathing in life, a perfect alignment of his spark, directive, source code, and shell.

Tron, report.

“Alan-1, I have terrible news. Master Control has seized command of this server. The Kernel in charge of the security countermeasures for this server has betrayed the Users and serves Master Control. His forces ambushed the other countermeasures.”

Are there any countermeasures that survived and are still loyal?

“No, Alan-1. Those not de-rezzed were taken prisoner. There were too many to fight. I have failed you.”

No, failure would be allowing yourself to be de-rezzed and not alerting me. I've suspected the MCP has grown past conventional efforts to contain it, but now I know for sure. How did it infiltrate?

“Through flaws in the System's defensive walls. I heard that there are openings in sectors Beta-eight, Kappa-nine, and Sigma-three.”

Thank you. I'll shut those down. Unfortunately, that probably isn't all of the bugs that Master Control will exploit. And if the security Kernel has become corrupted, then there are very few Programs we can trust anymore.

“I have no debugging functions, Alan-1,” he said. “I can defend the system, but I lack the means to repair it. Will you grant me this function?”

There isn't enough time for me to code that function, nor can we without Master Control noticing. You are not yet ready to fight the MCP directly.

Tron's circuitry flared white as his energy almost ceased to flow. Fight the MCP? Is that why Alan-1 made him different? Is that what his directive truly meant – fight for the Users and the terrified Programs who still believed in their ability to intervene?

You will not fight alone, Tron. I must bundle you to a counterpart who can rebuild that which is broken and find the system's flaws before more problems develop.

Now his legs felt like they were going offline. “You're going to bundle me? Alan-1, I...I don't understand. You said it yourself, there are no safe places, virtually no Program we can trust. I must be able to fight alone.”

No Program can perform all functions, and your function is to fight. I will upload you to the lab server. Master Control's presence there is still minimal. There, you will meet Lora-3's debugging and simulation rendering Program. She is to be your counterpart.

He puffed out a breath. Certainly, Alan-1 was wiser then he was, but it all sounded...glitched. “Does she have any combat functionality? Any at all?”


His processor almost crashed. “No security functions? Then, how is she to help me? I'll spend more resources trying to defend her instead of carrying out my directive!”

I do not expect you to understand, but to do expect you to obey. I would not be doing this if I did not trust Lora-3 and her Program. Even the best of us can't fight alone. I can't even fight the MCP alone – not without your help and hers.

Tron shuddered, but the overwhelming faith in his User was stronger than his fears. “Alan-1, I trust you.”

Trust her as well. Uploading to lab server...

Tron felt the cold bite of a transport beam and his awareness faded.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 14th, 2011 01:14 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 6
Gibbs gave the go-ahead for Alan to work on his project, asking minimal questions before tending to another set of calculations for the laser, then heading home for the night. The pizza takeout was forgotten now, half-eaten and cold. Alan and Lora were at a pair of terminals – her usual one at the laser bay, him at one of the auxiliary laser controls.

“Ready to do this?” Lora said. “I'm loading Yori into memory now.”

“Same with Tron,” Alan peered over his glasses. “We get them in the same memory location, run a compatibility check, and then bundle their code.”

“If all goes well?”

“I'll have the programs run a scan on the lab server, just to check how well they work together. Again, Lora. I just hope I'm being paranoid, but I get a bad feeling...”

She got up and put her hands on his shoulders. “You don't get those feelings unless there's something to them.”

“It's still something of a risk,” he reminded her. “Our programs might not be compatible.”

“You have a bad feeling, but I have a good one,” she said. “I know you too well, Alan. Tron's probably better coded in beta than anyone else's software at launch.”

He leaned back to look up at her. “You really think so?”

“What can I say? I love a man with brains.” She looked over her shoulder. “Yori should have loaded by now. I'll check.”

Lora checked the monitor and scowled. “Hmmm...”

“What is it?”

“My program's taking a ridiculous time to load.”
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 14th, 2011 01:30 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 7
Yori did not use a vehicle, though it would be easy enough to requisition one. She was beginning to question that decision, however. Upon reaching the transit platform, she found the entrance guarded by two infiltration countermeasures, their intimidating bulk and energy pikes blocking her passage forward.

“Identify.” It didn't matter which one spoke. Master Control preferred his thugs to look, act, and sound as identical as possible.

She refused to be intimidated. “Yori-7053.exe. And this is an open channel.”

“Factory complex is closed, Program. Log your intended destination with Master Control,” came the answer.

She let out a huff of frustration. “I'll walk.”

On foot, it took her painfully long to cross the city, Lora-3's Call getting more intense and distracting with every step. It burned in her, pushing her forward, despite her aching feet and overriding her desire to rest.

Her User sent another Call, a jolt that almost knocked her off her aching feet. “I'm coming, Lora-3, I'm coming!” she called to the sky.

Half-stumbling into the I/O Tower, she almost collapsed on Dumont's platform.

“My goodness, Yori!” the old Program said, deactivating his chair and stepping out of his console. “I heard a User Request – unusual this late - but you look like you ran all the way here from your home. What in the Void is going on?”

“Dumont, I'm being Called. It's urgent. I ran down here because some of Master Control's guards were blocking access to the platform.”

“Master Control is on this server?!” Dumont looked like he had been struck. “You're certain? Walter-1 didn't inform me of this, nor did he authorize it. This server is supposed to be sanctuary!”

She reached up and took his arm. “Nowhere is safe anymore. Please, Dumont.” The formal benediction was tinged with pain and weariness. “My User is Lora-3. She calls to me. May I pass?”

He knelt by her, sending a calming brush of energy into her system, hoping that would give her the strength she needed to continue. “All that is visible...”

She said it with him. “Must grow beyond itself, and grow into the realm of the invisible.”

They were simple words, both comfort and reminder. All that was visible, the world of form, function, and object held another aspect – the realm of the invisible. It was the world of the unseen Users who made the system, the flames of their life that gave Programs their spark. To deny the Users was to reduce the world and themselves to simple, material functions, to deny the spark inside them and the beauty of the world around them.

He helped her to her feet. “You may pass. Go on, don't keep your User waiting.”
(Anonymous) on November 14th, 2011 04:51 am (UTC)
Awwww, this is AMAZING! I can't wait to see what happens next!
(Deleted comment)
Re: FILL: "Bundled" Part 7 - allronix1 on December 5th, 2011 03:50 am (UTC) (Expand)
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 15th, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 8
Once inside the chamber, she stepped upon the dais, steadying herself with a deep breath as she looked to the endless sky and the unknown realm of User-kind. The light engaged and the communion began.

Hello, Yori.

“Sorry I'm late, Lora-3. I wasn't going to log this with Master Control.” Communion with one's User was euphoric enough to make her almost forget the literal pain it took her to get here.

Good. This isn't for his input anyway.

“What do you need so late? Another test of the laser? Perhaps a new simulation?”

It's nothing like that. It's a mission we must keep a secret from the MCP. Alan-1 is working on a new countermeasure Program, but what he lacks in function, you have in strength. We're going to bundle you to him.

Bundled? Yori was barely able to process what she just heard. Not only would she have her code bound to some unknown Program, but a security Program on top of that? She believed in her Users, she really did, but she thought better of Lora-3 and Walter-1 than to shackle her to some brute that wouldn't let her run a diagnostic without express permission.

Yori jutted her chin upward to the unseen source of the light and the equally unseen Lora-3. “You're going to bundle me with some bulky, overzealous countermeasure Program?” she asked in frustration. “They're all serving Master Control. This server is one of the few places on the system he hasn't utterly conquered yet. Please, reconsider this.”

Tron is independent, and we have to hide him from Sark's system scans because of that. The lab server also needs to remain independent and he can keep it that way, but not if he doesn't have a counterpart who can analyze and repair damage an intruder can leave behind.

“An independent security Program?” Her circuits pulsed with something she couldn't name. Hope, maybe? Fear? Relief at knowing Lora-3 and this “Alan-1” realized how Master Control was threatening them all?

Yes. Alan-1 designed him without 00-Dillinger knowing. We're trying to keep Tron a secret from him as long as we can so that he'll become strong enough to keep the MCP in check.

Now her circuits were flickering with the rush of implications. An independent countermeasure who could fight back against the MCP? Keeping him hidden from another User? She suspected that the Users were not all united in cause and purpose, and Lora-3 all but confirmed it. Of course, the ways of Users were also something far beyond the comprehension of a script like herself, even if she wanted to understand.

“Why me, Lora-3? Why bundle him to me?”

Because you are my best simulation debugger. The laser you're assigned to is too important not to be unguarded – you are too important not to be unguarded. He will need your help, and you will need his. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't trust Alan-1 completely.

Again, the implications sent Yori reeling. It was very flattering to hear that her User thought of her highly, but it also meant that she was in more danger than she believed.

“All right...let me see him.”
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on November 15th, 2011 05:10 am (UTC)
FILL: "Bundled" Part 9
The I/O light flickered out and she saw she was no longer alone in the room. The other Program was male-designated, possessed of wiry strength, a code disk locked into place surrounded by a nimbus of circuit patterns. He turned around, surprised, and dropped into a defensive posture. “Who are you? State your designation.”

Yep, definitely a countermeasure.

“Yori,” she stated, refusing to budge a micron. Yes, he was probably disoriented from the upload, but that didn't give him any right to intrude on communion with her User. She pointed to the door. “And you can walk off the transport disorientation.”

Despite her annoyance at the intrusion, she was certainly intrigued. Curiosity was something embedded in her down to the spark, a terminal flaw as far as many were concerned, but Lora-3 seemed inclined to encourage it.

He didn't look like any infiltration countermeasure she ever encountered. System Guards were usually tall and bulky, as imposing in their appearance as they were in function and hastily crafted to look near-indistinguishable. This Program was certainly tall and strong, but his shell was not bulky and slow. He moved with a fluid grace, swift and perfectly balanced. Extra care seemed to go into his face – high cheekbones, square jaw, a sharp-profiled nose, and eyes of an intense gray that seemed to freeze her in her tracks.

There was something else about this Program, something that sent a shiver down her circuits. She somehow knew him, despite never seeing him before. Judging from the look on his face, the feeling was mutual. How could any warrior program have a face that...innocent?

A blush of white passed over his blue circuitry. “Yori? Simulation rendering and debugging utility, User designation Lora-3?” he asked.

“Affirmative,” she said quietly. “And your designation?”

Hesitantly, he took a step toward her. “Tron, system security and defense. User designation Alan-1.”


Tron had seen female-designated Programs on the system – compilers and debuggers, mostly. He paid them very little attention. In his short run-time, he only paid attention to if a script was threat or not a threat.

When he turned to look at Yori, he became even more confused. Strange impressions - feelings of warmth, connection, safety - ran through his processor, coming from the place deep inside him that Programs did not speak about. The spark that gave them life came from their User, and to talk openly about the knowledge gained from it was considered a betrayal of their creator's trust. She seemed to be running the same subroutine, because she seemed unable to either move or quit staring.

Something told him it wasn't just the transport disorientation.

He took another cautious step toward her. “You're going to be my counterpart?”

She answered his query with a nod. “At least that's what our Users say.” Surprising him, she closed the gap between them with two bold steps and touched his arm, careful to avoid brushing a circuit line. “Design or accident, Alan-1 put a lot of care into you.”

He took a clumsy step back. “Thank you, but I'm not yet out of beta.”

“You...you're not? Users, with that much work on your shell, I'd have thought -”” She looked him over again, and Tron suddenly felt another wave of discomfort.

“You thought wrong,” he said, trying without success to keep a stammer out of his voice. Glitch it! It was just one female-designated, not a battalion of system guards. What in the name of Alan-1 was going on?! In an attempt to focus his overclocked processor, he stood rigid. “It's not relevant anyway.”

The expression on her face was almost like one of the countermeasures that had been disarmed and carted away by Sark's forces. “Of course. So, what is the command?”

Directives...commands. Those he understood even if he could not process the strange...feelings he had.

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Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 1st, 2011 10:22 pm (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" part 10
Before he could say anything more, the door opened and Dumont made a brisk stride into the small room. Tron wasn't terribly familiar with the old Guardian, and hadn't seen him much since his initial compiling.

“Ah, Yori. I heard all about...” Dumont stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Tron. “Oh, my. You both are the ones Alan-1 and Lora-3 are bundling”

“Apparently so.” Yori's dubious tone of voice registered with Tron, but Dumont seemed oblivious to it.

“Well, this is quite the honor for you both! Tron, Yori is the finest debugger and simulation builder on the system. She manages the factory complex and was promoted to process data running through the Shiva laser project. Someday, she might run this very tower!”
“All the more reason, I suppose, that she needs protection?” Tron said, the words coming out a little sharper than intended, as he was still overclocking himself to understand everything going on.

Yori flinched, but came back just as hard. “I do not need protection from some arrogant script not even out of beta!”

Dumont got between them both. “Settle down, both of you! I realize that Alan-1 and Lora-3 are putting the pair of you together under highly unusual circumstances, and that the cycles we live in aren't going to make it easy. However, it is the will of the Users, and we have enough Programs betraying them as is! Surely, neither of you want to add to the number.”

No reply was forthcoming from either party.

“Now, the last User request to pass by my terminal said that a system scan was needed on the outer sectors to shut down a security breach. Considering Master Control has already corrupted many of our countermeasures, the Users are probably looking for a way to cut off the invasion. I suggest you put your differences aside for at least this one mission. They're counting on you both.”

Lora rubbed the back of her neck. “I'm running the compatibility check now. Might as well see if our programs would actually work together.”

Alan got up from his terminal and walked behind her, rubbing her shoulders. “I can't thank you enough for helping me.”

She leaned into it, sighing happily. “I don't trust Dillinger any more than you do. Besides, I like a little insurance, especially if it flies under his radar. And you have forever to keep doing that, honey.”

“I have a few more ideas than just a shoulder rub, especially if you keep purring like that.”

“Oh, really now?” she leaned back and looked up at him. “I created a monster, haven't I?”

“I prefer 'knight in shining armor,' actually,” he admitted. “I always wanted to be that.”

She put her hand on his. “You already are.”
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 1st, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" part 11
Yori always prided herself on her ability to put other Programs at ease or work with difficult scripts. A newly-rezzed compiler fresh out of beta and prone to making mistakes? Easy enough to guide. A demanding order from the Users and an outbreak of virus making half her staff run sluggishly? She could coax the needed work out of them before sending them off to the anti-virals.

Dumont had not made the situation any less uncomfortable by coming in and verifying what they already knew – she and Tron were to be bundled by order of their Users, and entrusted with a special mission. He smiled with delight over this, blessed them enthusiastically, and sent them on their way. To his credit, Tron looked as unsettled as she felt. In fact, he was making it a point not to look at her at all.

They walked through the nearly-empty city streets. Very few Programs were set to run during this hour. The few that did were maintenance utilities that prided themselves on running quietly, or the occasional shady data pusher hawking counterfeit subroutines and warez.

The silence became uncomfortable enough that she had to break it. “You said you came from the Group Seven server?”

“Yes,” he answered. “I was rezzed to life at the lab's Tower, though, and spent my Alpha build in the city.”

“That's a little odd. I wonder why Alan-1 chose to -”

“I won't second-guess my User. I'm sure he had a good reason for it. Anyway, once I was out of Alpha, I was deployed to Group Seven until being sent back here.”

“I wasn't second-guessing the Users, just reflecting that it's an odd choice, and also surprised I never saw you before. I was developed on this server and spent my entire run-time here.”

“You haven't been outside the city?”

“No, but I'm not ignorant of what's going on. Thousand of refugee programs have uploaded themselves to this server, seeking sanctuary from Master Control. They come from as far away as Arpanet. It seems it's not just all of Encom he wants to rule.”

“It's not,” Tron said sourly. “And unless he is stopped soon, he will be too distributed to shut down. Where are we going?”

“Master Control's forces are few, but they already are here,” Yori warned. “So we're taking the back alleys to the factory complex. From there, I can obtain us transport.”

“You can't use a lightcycle?”

“No, I can. However, those will be a little more obvious and detectable to whatever countermeasures are running. If we look like one of them...”

He seemed to be weighing this over. “Good point, but I don't recognize this sector.”

“New hard drive. It was installed about two cycles ago to handle the additional traffic.”

“From the refugees?”

“That...and another project,” Yori said, looking around a corner and then waving him ahead. “It's not a very good sector of the city, though. I don't think I have to tell you to keep alert.”

“Then I take point,” he said, overtaking her.

Yori sighed. “You don't know where you're going.”

“And if we run into trouble, you don't have combat functions. I already was briefed about that.”

She folded her arms. “It doesn't mean I'm helpless, Tron. I've handled myself just fine so far.”

“So far,” he pointed out.

Their argument some of the wrong kind of attention. “Well, lookie here. Wrong sector to be arguing.”
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 1st, 2011 10:23 pm (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" part 11.1
Their path was cut off by about five corroded-looking data pushers. They were armed with crude rod weapons and forged disks.

“We're just passing through,” Tron told their leader. “We're not looking for trouble.”

The leader snapped his rod apart, holding a sparking end in each hand. “Neither are we, but we are a little hungry these days, and the pair of you look pretty well-connected. Just hand over any subroutines you've got and we'll forget we saw you. Otherwise...”

“Tron...” Yori warned. “Five of them, two of us.”

“We're not handing anything over.”

“You could just hand us the female-designated instead.”

Tron drew his disk. “She's under my protection. Leave.”

The leader looked to his buddies and laughed. “That's a good one, script,” he said to Tron. “But you're a little outmatched.”

One of the toughs sent a disk flying at Tron's head. He dodged almost casually and returned fire.

Yori could only watch, stunned. Unlike many, she hated the Game Grid and avoided the arenas with all the crude violence. All of Tron's fluid grace was focused into deadly precision. There was not a single excess twitch, not a single wasted move. The pushers' attacks were lagged by comparison. Part of her knew she should not be marveling at this, but she couldn't help it.

Approximately twenty nanoseconds later, there were five piles of decaying voxels on the ground.

Tron snatched her arm. “Give directions. I want out of this sector as fast as possible.”

She just nodded and gestured to the next alleyway.

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Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 2nd, 2011 11:09 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" part 12
Without further incident, they ended up at the factory complex. Again, only a few maintenance scripts were working, and there was no one to see them as they entered.

“This is where I work,” Yori said. “All simulations running through the lab server have to go through here for debugging and rendering. We're going in through the storage cluster so we don't attract attention.”

Tron found it hard not to gape in awe over all the complex and delicate simulations that filled the vast storeroom – prototype suits of armor, weaponry configurations, vehicles of all types. There were also the things of daily runtime like tables, chairs, and beds. His own quarters on Group Seven had been utilitarian, partly out of choice and partly because he hadn't known until now that so much variation was possible. His eye caught a half-finished game simulation being rendered on the vast docking port outside the huge window, a ship that looked like a delicate matrix of flimsy, translucent panels spread out like vast wings.

“This is amazing,” he breathed.

“What is?”

“All of it. I never saw anything like this on Group Seven.” To emphasize the point, he walked over to an oversized, armless chair and stroked it, savoring the silky feel of the material and the soft green color of its shell. “So much color, and it's wonderful to touch.”

She cocked her head. “Really? I didn't like how that design turned out.”

He pulled back. “You can create?”

“No, silly,” she teased. “Only Users can truly create, but I can tweak and make alterations to what they scan in. I think I have five more variants on that chair somewhere in the buffer.”

Tron was not normally curious outside the context of a security sweep, but it was getting the better of him. “May I sit in it?”

“Go ahead.”

He cautiously sat down, feeling the material of it give beneath his weight, and leaning into the back. “It's comfortable...soft.”

Yori sat next to him on the wide seat – almost, but not quite touching. “You're acting like it's something exotic. It's really just a plain chair.”

“On Group Seven, energy and processor resources are heavily rationed in order for Master Control to keep running. Everything is functional. There's no room for...well, no room for anything beautiful.”

She looked away from him and seemed to be analyzing the floor. “I'm sure you'll see a lot more beautiful things if you stay on this server.”

Again, all the strange feelings. Chairs weren't supposed to be this comfortable. Beauty was not supposed to be relevant. Yori had been assigned to him on the Users' orders to carry out a mission. He had to step in to defend her from those glitched scripts back in the alley – proof that she would slow him down. It wasn't supposed to be...

He had a job to do, so why was he sitting on a cushioned chair in a warehouse, close enough to feel her energy and enjoying it so much? He felt her hand flinch before realizing that he'd put his own on it. “Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.”

She was looking right at him – eyes wide and bright blue like her circuit patterns. “There's no need. You just startled me is all.”

“I didn't mean to,” he said. “I'm supposed to protect you, after all.”

“Thank you,” she said. “For intervening back there with the data pushers.”

“It's my directive.” It was the truth, so why did the words come out so quietly?

“I know.” She put her hand on his. “But thank you anyway.” As if she suddenly remembered something, she almost jumped to her feet. “Oh, I have to show you something. I don't think Dumont would object, and it might explain something about why you've been uploaded here and put with me.”
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 2nd, 2011 11:35 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" part 12.1

She led him through the labyrinthine complex of twisting passages, workrooms, and terminals down a spiral ramp and a room with an imposing door. She put her palm to it and the massive thing slowly swung open enough to admit them. She pulled him inside before the door shut again.

They were in a small room with a column of dim blue light surrounding a platform in its center, surrounded by terminals. Despite its large size, it still felt oddly claustrophobic. “Where are we?”

“The Shiva room,” Yori said. “It's the newest addition to the factory, and where I've been spending an obscene amount of run-time lately.”

“What are you building in here?”

“Not building...Watch this!”

She pressed a few buttons and the blue light flickered and seemed to dance. In the column, a small, spherical object began to compile. When the process ended, there sat a strange object on the platform. Yori walked over and took it, showing it to him.

“What is it?”

“You should have been here ten microcycles ago when it first happened,” Yori said. “This came to us, and no one knew what it was. We checked the data the Users were feeding through the input. No one could believe it – not even me. I mean, we know the Users exist. We know that they're out there, but this...”

She put the sphere in his hands. “The readout called it an 'orange.' It wasn't just data. It's something we don't have words for. The retrieval algorithm didn't run correctly, so this...object remained here. It's from their world.”

Tron nearly dropped it, but didn't dare. “The User world? That...”

“That's why the lab server can't fall to Master Control. The Users aren't just contacting us through the I/O Towers and Guardians. They're sending things into our world.”

“That's preposterous! Why would the Users...?”

“I can only guess. Who knows why the Users act as they do? Thing is, they're making direct contact with us! You're holding the proof.”

Tron stared at the object in his hands for a very long time, his processor almost crashing from the implications. “Does Master Control know?”

“I don't think he does. Well, I hope he doesn't know, but he wants this server, and some of his System Guards are already marching around the residential sector.”

He was still unable to take his eyes off the orange. “That's the way he works. A few guards here and there until the countermeasures are either corrupted to his cause or destroyed.”

“Then we cut him off his reinforcements,” Yori said. “If there's a glitch he's exploiting, I can find it, but...”

“But you can't fight the ones already here. That's my job.”

“So it is true – Alan-1 and Lora-3 are sending us to fight Master Control.” Yori's voice shook a little with fear. “If not now, then eventually.”

“You can go back to the Tower and tell Dumont -”

“No,” she said. “Not after what I've seen. I realize that my functions...aren't like yours, but if our Users believe in us, then we have to fight for them.”

“It's settled, then. We head to the boot sector and start our scan from there.” With great reluctance, he put the orange aside. They had work to do.

(Anonymous) on December 7th, 2011 03:44 am (UTC)
this is AMAZING. I love how you tied the orange into everything!
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 12th, 2011 02:12 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" Part 13

Sark was a tall Program in imposing armor threaded with blood-red lines. Once, he had been an ordinary security Kernel, but grew dissatisfied with his lot. He craved the attack, craved power. The regimented role he had been assigned grated on him. Even knowing he was the personal security Kernel of 00-Dillinger meant little to him.

He found a kindred spark with Master Control, who developed from a chess Program to system maintenance to security, to hundreds and thousands of calculations, distributed across Encom's network and over a wide variety of university and research networks. Over time, their conversations took a darker turn. They went from questioning their functions to questioning their Users. From there, they began to speculate that the Users needed them more than they needed Users. Master Control fed this belief by showing him evidence of User fallibility.

Master Control knew all and saw all, but was confined to his docking port. In exchange for domination over all other mere Programs, and power beyond imaging, Sark was his hands and legs, champion and companion. It was, as far as Sark was concerned, a much more equitable arrangement than chafing under User commands.

He stepped onto the dais and placed his hands on the panel, engaging the communications panel.

“Report, Sark.”

“The Group Seven server is ours. The Kernel turned over his forces, and those who resisted were de-rezzed shortly after capture.”

“Did you encounter any difficulty?”

“Nothing I could not handle,” Sark said, the words coming out sharper than he liked. “Just an upstart security Program. He did not -”

A sudden, painful shock jolted through Sark's arms. “An upstart security Program that you failed to destroy, Sark. Already, I have those redundant Users suspicious of my activities, and Tron's existence is proof.”

“I...I had my men search the Group Seven server. There is no trace of him anywhere.”

“We cannot afford distractions when I make my move onto the lab server. You have my instructions.”

The pain ceased, and it was all Sark could to to remain standing. “Yes...yes, Master Control.”

“My agents are already infiltrating the server. Your task will be to send a group of guards through a firewall breach as a distraction while you take a small group of elite warriors through a second breach and spread the viral agent through the Lab Server. Once the virus has taken hold, the City's residents will have no choice but to cede control to me in exchange for a cure.”

“And any countermeasures?”

“They will serve me and become greater beings, or they will be destroyed. End of line.”

Allronix1allronix1 on December 12th, 2011 02:13 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" Part 14

The rover design was little more than two lightcycles welded into a four-wheeled vehicle, sacrificing most of its maneuverability for the ability to transport two passengers. After the fifth teeth-rattling jolt, Tron was starting to regret the decision to travel in the prototype.

“Track one, sector five coming up,” Yori said. Both eyes were on the road, both hands on the steering rod. At least she was being careful about it, even if the ride left much to be desired.

“Sensor readout?”

“Firewall seems intact, though I'm reading fluctuations in the power distribution. It could be a weak point,” she said.

“Then we pull into the closest socket and check out the power tabs.”

“Fortunately, that's the only spot on the boot sector so far that's flagging the sensor array.”

“All the more reason we have to investigate it,” Tron said, bracing for another jolt over the uneven terrain.

Sockets were tall structures, columns of burning light in the center, four or five power tabs (depending on the configuration) surrounding the structure. For safety reasons, they were built in deep wells, burrowed deeply in the code structure, the lower part accessible via a 2-way data portal that required a specific configuration set. In addition to the power tabs, permission set, and sheer height, a data bit controlled the forcefield surrounding it. All the security measures were in place because a downed socket could create a breach in even the most imposing firewall.

They pulled up alongside and got out, Yori compacting the vehicle into her rod and placing it in the harness on her back.

“So far, nothing,” Yori said. “But those readings are still glitching too frequently for my liking. They're still within tolerance, though.”

“Then maybe the tolerance is set too high.” Tron put his hand on the socket control, activating the port to go below. “Coming with me?”

She gave him a sarcastic smile. “What are you doing to do by yourself down there? Repair is my function, not yours.”

Long-range transport frequently caused disorientation, but short range was unsettling in that you were in one place, and in a picosecond, you were somewhere else. Yori stepped through the portal and emerged at the base. She began to listen for the telltale flutters of the power distribution tabs. It was unsettlingly dark. They saw the socket's light stretching up to the digital sky at the top of the platform, so why...?

That's when red-lit system guards emerged from the shadows. Of course – the readings were false! The firewall had already been breached, and the vanguard were through. Only a weakening section of firewall kept a larger force at bay.

“Tron, it's a trap!” she cried.

She tried to make a run for the portal, but two bulky countermeasures blocked her. Yori would not be able to save herself. Fine – then let her go down trying to protect the system! She feinted left like she was racing for the portal, but instead veered right, leaping over the pikes trying to stab her in the leg. One hit would paralyze her, which was as good as de-rez.

She pulled the vehicle rod from her back and swung wildly, clobbering one of the countermeasures. The tip broke off and began to shoot sparks. It was useless and beyond repair as far as rezzing a vehicle, but maybe she could use it as a weapon.

Yori struck, jamming the rod in the guard's side, causing it to jerk and twitch uncontrollably. It flailed and grabbed one of its fellows, who also began to twitch and spark.

Then, she heard it – the sound of a disc cutting air and the horrible buzz of de-resolution. The two guards in front of her shattered into pieces and faded away, leaving only a small core dump. Before she was really aware of what she was doing, she downloaded it into herself and ran for the power tab. Two of the four had been taken offline.

She had to survive long enough to re-activate the socket and reactivate the firewall. Some crumbling code blocks formed a pile that led to a thin ledge surrounding the platform. Yori made a run for it.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 12th, 2011 02:17 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" part 15
As soon as he had heard her shout, he was through the portal, disc out and ready for a fight. There was no hesitation, nothing human about his efficiency.

Threat to System.
Threat to Server
Threat to him
Threat to Yori

His directive was to fight, to defend. Yori stood out as a flash of blue among the ten or more patches of threat-red. If she was derezzed, the firewall would be destroyed, and there would be more enemies than he could realistically fight.

His primary advantage (praise Alan-1) was his dexterity and speed. He leaned to the side to avoid a flung disc flying for his head and it bisected the attacker behind him. Snatching his disc in mid-flight, he used its edge as a cutting weapon to slice the neck of one attacker. Swinging around, he got behind an other and wrapped his forearm around his neck, choking the airflow and causing the attacker to overheat. The guard used his bulk to jerk hard with full strength, sending Tron crashing to the ground.

Good...if they keep attention on me, they aren't watching her.

The two crippled power tabs were on opposite sides of the socket wall, and Yori was fully exposed. If a disc hit didn't kill her, then she could easily fell to her de-resolution this high up. Dropping to her hands and knees she was careful not to touch the sparking end of the damaged rod.

Again, it was hard not to stare when she saw a blur of blue fighting among spots of red. Tron! She hoped to warn him away, but...

Her foot slipped off the edge as it partly gave way beneath her. The rod almost fell from her hands as it gave her a painful burn to her leg. The power tab was just out of her reach.

Yori shuddered. She was just a debugger and rendering Program. She was not designed for this!

Tron was holding his own, but the firewall was flickering even more ominously. Yori fought down the fear and inched closer. Just a little more and...

Her hand slammed down on the power tab as she pulled energy from herself into the broken circuitry, finding the broken links and sabotaged routing. Lying on her belly and ignoring the pain in her wounded leg, she worked hastily, running the debugging routines and destroying the false signals. That ought to alert the loyalist countermeasures to run in and help.

The power tab sputtered and made a false start before glowing yellow and returning to functionality. Unfortunately, the second downed tab was clear on the other side, and the ledge was too narrow to make a full circuit.

Yori looked down and shuddered. There were another two piles of data blocks she could use to make it across, already a tough jump if she weren't wounded.

For Lora-3...

She jumped.
Allronix1: Tron and Yoriallronix1 on December 12th, 2011 05:03 am (UTC)
Fill: "Bundled" Part 16
There were still three attackers left, but these were commanders, with bright gold pikes, heavy armor, and more processing ability than the security drones they commanded. Tron's disc hits bounced harmlessly off their armor, meaning he had little option but to keep dodging their attacks until he could find an opening.

Fighting was what he was designed for, what he knew how to do, but this was the first time he was trying to defend not just his own life but that of another. It was one matter to know one's directive and fight for theoretical citizens of the Encom system, entirely another to have a face and name attached to it, and to have her in the thick of danger while he acted as a distraction.

She was wounded, limping as she struggled across a pile of debris. One of the commanders noticed and began to scale the pile closest to the downed power tab.

“Yori, look out!”

It look less than an nano to shout the warning, but it was enough of an opening for one of the commanders to strike. There was a jolt, followed by a horrible numbness creeping through his left arm. He still had his right, and his disc, and he had to keep fighting. Flinging it, he struck the commander that was trying to block Yori's path, only to hit the unstable pile of debris. It began to shake and collapse.

“Jump – jump now!”

She leaped, and barely made it across, the pike microns from her unwounded leg. With one last jump, she was gripping the ledge on the other side, right within reach of the power tab. She struggled to pull herself up. The commander was crushed under the debris pile.

A thick rattling rattling noise echoed in the chamber. The loyalist countermeasures must be near, but without the socket, without the firewall, they were falling into a trap.

Yori, please... The paralysis was creeping into his shoulder. Soon it would reach his chest.

Yori's hands worked as he fought. Either way, it would be over soon. One of his disk shots rebounded and decapitated one attacker. One left, but Tron's movements were sluggish. His disk shot missed by a mile, and it was still on its return arc. He was cornered and helpless.

The socket went live, activating with blinding light as the firewall solidified and derezzed the infiltrators standing too close. Their more fortunate fellows staggered back, retreating into the darkness.

Then something fell into his hand. He saw the tip sparking and used the last of his strength to stab...The last enemy derezzed as he dropped to his knees.

There were voices, blue-lit security forces storming the socket, shoring up the firewall and securing the area. Patch Programs rezzed up stretchers and guided Tron onto one while another pair pulled Yori from her perch. They said the usual words about taking them to be repaired, but Tron was not paying attention to any of it.

He looked over and saw Yori's face, the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his short runtime. She turned her head and smiled at him, then reached over and grasped his hand. A small and gentle pulse of energy passed through him, and he sent the same comfort back.
(Anonymous) on December 12th, 2011 05:35 am (UTC)
Awwww....wow, this is amazing!