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21 March 2011 @ 07:37 pm

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(Anonymous) on April 2nd, 2011 03:56 pm (UTC)
Tron; progenitor
Okay, this is non-porny, but the idea wouldn't leave my head. I was reading Betrayal today, and noticed that all of the Black Guard had lit-up fingers, just like Tron. What if Flynn created (or Clu modified) the Guards using elements of Tron's code? After all, Tron's the best warrior on the Grid, so it makes sense to copy what works. Thing is, Tron didn't know that the Guards were patterned after him, which is why he's so shocked that he can activate another program's disc during Clu's coup. He can do so, of course, because the Guards share his code.

Essentially, I want to see the above happening, or even just part of it. Whether Flynn copies Tron's data from the outside, or Clu sneaks off with his disc, is up to anon, but I really want to see something involving this concept.
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 2nd, 2011 04:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Tron; progenitor
Don't worry, we can make practically anything porny if we try. XD

Seriously, though, I really like this. It's clever. Damn you, meme, I don't need more things to do.
Crystalshard: *Tron - Lightcyclecrystalshard on April 2nd, 2011 04:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Tron; progenitor
OP does not object in the least if this is somehow made porny. And yay, thank you.

(I don't even know why I bother to anon any more.)
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 2nd, 2011 04:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Tron; progenitor
I know, I do the same thing. >.
noctavalnoctaval on April 2nd, 2011 08:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Tron; progenitor
Dude, I totally want to see this! Seconded!
(Anonymous) on April 10th, 2011 12:26 am (UTC)
Re: Tron; progenitor
OMU that is a brilliant idea!
Fallowsthorn: rinzlerinkmage on April 10th, 2011 07:15 am (UTC)
Jumpstart (Tron/OMC, implied Tron/Black Guard) 1/?
So, screw me, I ended up writing this instead of the other thing. Ah well. Anyway, I had Tron be actually involved in the making of the Guards (whether or not it happened canonically), so my reason for his surprise is that Flynn, while using a lot of Tron's code, still supplemented it with unique code for each program, to give them all names and varied strengths and so on, but mostly so there wouldn't be fifteen or whatever Trons running around. Tron just didn't think there was enough similarity to let him access and sync with one of the Guards' discs. And that's your handwave of the day, folks! : )

"Hey, Tron?"

The question-as-a-greeting comes in faintly over the noise of the lightcycle, and Tron slows the subroutine's processor fractionally so he can hear what Flynn is saying. Something tells him he'll be derezzing the 'cycle in the next few microcycles, anyway.

Sure enough, the next thing Flynn says, amid the wisps of static from the earpiece in Tron's helmet, is, "Can you come up here for a sec? I want to try something, and if it works, it'll make life a lot easier."

Tron nods to himself, curious despite the fact that when Flynn says, "I want to try something," it sometimes doesn't go too well. He revs the lightcycle's engine and glances around the arena for Flynn, sliding up the curve of the wall so that the corners aren't as sharp.

He spots Flynn near the side and middle of the arena, standing next to the elevator shafts and waving his arms to get Tron's attention. Tron angles towards him and increases in speed, ignoring the voice in his head that says this is a dumb idea.

The dumb ideas are always the most fun.

Grinning, he coils his muscles and waits tensely, judging the distance between him and Flynn by sight alone. He needs to be in just... the right... place... there!

Tron breaks the baton halves away from their side grooves and shoves his feet down on the floor of the rapidly-derezzing 'cycle, adding upwards momentum to his forward speed. He lets the halves align and reconnect with each other, slipping the light baton into the holster on his leg as he dives into a forward roll. He throws his head forward just a bit farther, more than needed for a somersault like this, but it engages the catch on his helmet and retracts it.

He comes out of the flip just in time to land in front of Flynn, one knee planted and one arm out to the side. It's a completely unnecessary maneuver.

It's also glitching impressive, and Tron knows it. He looks up at Flynn, still grinning, cooling system kicking in at the exertion.

Flynn shakes his head, but he's smiling faintly, too, so Tron grasps the hand Flynn offers him and lets the User haul him to his feet.

"So, what's this thing you want to try?" he asks as he follows Flynn into one of the elevators. "And where's Clu?"

It's unusual to see the User without his program; they're always debating, planning, trying to improve the Grid. Tron blinks as he realizes that he hasn't seen Clu for almost the entire millicycle Flynn's been here.

"He's, ah," Flynn says, looking uncomfortable. "We... disagreed about some things. It's not important."

Oh, yes, it is important, but Flynn isn't very likely to tell Tron what the matter is, even if he pushes. Tron drops it when the elevator draws level with the top floor and he sees what Flynn's been working on.

Bodies litter the room, some slumped in chairs, others laying on the tables, more than a few simply stretched out on the floor. At first Tron thinks Flynn's brought a bunch of random programs up to the control room and put them all in standby for some reason, but then he looks again and sees that none of these program have circuit lines.

Oh, they have armor all right, the standard attire for any program on the Grid, but it's a matte black all the way through. And it's not that their circuits are off, however in the network that could be. They're just... missing. Not there. Like derezzed programs that haven't, for whatever reason, fallen into pixels.

It feels creepy, wrong, and Tron shivers involuntarily.
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 07:17 am (UTC)
Jumpstart (Tron/OMC, implied Tron/Black Guard) 2/?
Flynn doesn't notice, walking in front of Tron as he is. Instead, he says, "They're empty files. I want to make a Guard of programs, all antivirus and debugging, so that you don't have to be in fifteen places at once. And since you're the best fighter on here - which means the best security program," he adds, turning around, as if Tron didn't know his own job, "I figured I'd copy what worked."

He tilts his head inquiringly at Tron, clearly asking some question. Tron has no idea what Flynn wants, and thinks that he should probably know what he's getting into before agreeing to it. He stares at Flynn until the latter blinks and sighs.

"'What we have here is a failure to communicate,'" he says. He sounds like he's quoting something, but what, Tron has no idea. Flynn moves on before he can ask. "I want to copy-paste some of your code into these guys. Not all of it - one of you is enough-" He's smiling, though, so Tron doesn't take offense. "-but enough to give them your kind of fighting skills, plus some code I'll write to specialize them. Whaddaya say?"

Tron blinks for a second, but he can't find anything obviously faulty with this reasoning.... It must be one of Flynn's better experimental ideas. He shrugs. "All right."

Flynn beams at him. "Great! I need your disc."

Tron unhooks it absently and hands it to Flynn, who pulls up Tron's code. Tron himself is occupied with examining the body nearest to him.

Its face is half-covered by a tinted black visor, only its mouth visible. Tron glances briefly at its body - the lack of circuits still makes him uneasy, even though he knows what causes it - and thinks first that he should call the program "he" and second that that's not going to happen. It's not.... There's nothing in there. It's not a "he" yet. It's not even a program yet. Just a shell.

"One down," Flynn says, and Tron snaps back into the real world. He must have been staring at the body for longer than it felt, because Flynn is scooting back from one of the Guard to kneel a few feet away instead. That, and Tron's knees hurt from sitting on the floor funny.

Flynn tosses Tron his disc back, underhand, and Tron catches it and docks it in one motion. He pauses to let it sync, satisfied that there are no major changes to his code (beyond his knees not hurting anymore), then walks over to kneel by Flynn.

They both stare at the body for a microcycle or two, until Tron looks over at Flynn. "Well?" he asks. "What now?"

Flynn shrugs. "How the hell do I know?" he says rhetorically. "I synced the thing's disc, it should compile automatically, right?"

Tron spares a moment to feel gratified that he's not the only one having trouble referring to the bodies as actual programs. Then he frowns and says, "Usually it does... perhaps it's that you started and wrote these programs from in here?"

Flynn frowns too. "But I wrote Clu from in here, remember? He was the first program besides you. And I've written some other programs since then, like Jarvis." Jarvis, who has a meaningless name as far as Tron can tell, is the program who runs the laser's correction algorithms, in tandem with Yori.

"Yes, but not like this." Tron gestures to the still, dark bodies around the room, then the one in front of them, which, he now notices, has circuits. Dead circuits, but still better than no circuits. "Maybe it has something to do with opening just an empty file, and then writing each program the way you do outside? Clu and the others just sort of... appeared."

Flynn sighs. "Well, whatever it is, it doesn't tell me how to fix this. Looks like I'll just have to write them all the same way, then. Shame." He moves to disconnect the program's disc and wipe it out of existence.
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 07:18 am (UTC)
Jumpstart (Tron/OMC, implied Tron/Black Guard) 3/?
Tron puts a hand over Flynn's arm, and notes the way it crackles slightly. There's still energy built up from his stunt earlier, since he hasn't used much of it. "No, wait," he says. "I want to try something."

He's not basing this off of anything particularly logical, except that the more energy a program has, the brighter his circuits are. Standby mode means dimmed circuits, doing stupid things in the Arena means bright circuits, and so theoretically, all the Guard needs is a shock of electricity, and Tron is able to provide that without it getting too awkward.


A quick glance at Flynn's face shows than he hasn't reached anywhere near the same conclusion, but he moves further back anyway to let Tron close to the still figure. Tron takes a deep breath and resolutely does not look at Flynn. He rubs his arms against each other, trying to build up a charge, and surreptitiously drags a thumb across the "T" just below his throat, feeling his other circuits heat even under the fabric of the Gridsuits. He's breathing faster, he knows it, and he's probably glowing bright enough to erase all doubt in Flynn's mind about what Tron is doing.

He stops when he can see threads of purple start to weave into his circuits. He doesn't need to overload for this, just build up enough excess that he won't go into standby immediately afterwards. Tron takes another deep breath, steeling himself, and then, before he can back off and try to hide from the inevitable awkwardness, shoves both hands down onto the program's chest, right over the two major circuits, and shunts all the static in his system to the Guard's.

The Guard's body jumps at the sudden influx of energy, systems booting up for the first time, and Tron can't stop his hips from swaying forward at the sensation. He bites his lip against a moan and lets go of the Guard as soon as he can, gasping and panting for air. That had been a lot more intense than he'd thought it would be, and taken a lot more out of him. Tron thought woozily that maybe he should have wait until overloading, awkwardness be deleted.

The Guard sits upright from his half-slouch against a random pillow, and Tron can see his pupils dilate as the disc syncs up, properly this time. The programs' circuits glow faintly at first, and then more brightly as he wakes up and takes in his surroundings.

Tron shakes his head until he's aware of what's going on again, and then asks the program, "Designation?"

The program blinks at him, and for a second Tron thinks he's just some bit-brain, all flash and no computing. Then the Guard speaks in a clear but harsh voice that's unexpectedly like Tron's own. "Designation 'Reinforced Auto-Controlled Targeter'," he says, and Tron mentally turns that into a name.

"React," Flynn muses, getting the same idea. "I like it." Turning to Tron, he adds, "He can do a lot of the same basic stuff you can, but he's really good at aiming. Stick him in a lightjet and you'll be gold."

Tron's about to protest, saying that he's fine being blue and serving the Users, thanks, but Flynn overrides him with, "I mean he'll do well and you'll have a great fighter."

Tron nods, and looks back to React, who is watching them with his head at an interested angle. Well, Tron assumes he's interested. The helmet obscures all but the most basic of expressions.

Now that he's calmer, Tron can see why the program is looking at him a bit strangely. He can feel a sort of... presence in the back of his mind, hovering at the edges of his programming. It's not invasive, nor is it entirely unfamiliar – or entirely unwelcome - but it is new.

React hums, experimenting, and Tron jumps when he realizes he can hear an echo. And yet not an echo. It comes from the presence in the back of his mind, one that Tron is quickly realizing must be linked to React, and it's like he's humming, too, following along in his head. Were it not for the presence, Tron would have assumed he the thoughts were simply his own, at least until the odd "coincidences" started piling up. This could be very useful, though. And also....
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 07:19 am (UTC)
Jumpstart (Tron/OMC, implied Tron/Black Guard) 4/5
Tron raises his right hand at the same time React raises his, and the presence in the back of his head increases when they're in exactly the same position. Tron raises an eyebrow at the blank mask, daring React to make the first move. Their hands drift closer together, and Tron can feel the presence humming, almost, pushing against his own programming, turning into a resonance when their hands are within a half-foot of each other.

Tron can see React swallow and his lips thin into a line at the pressure of the resonance, and Tron wonders how mush more in must be affecting him, new and unused to the environment as React is. Neither of them backs off, though. There's a harsh feeling in Tron's hand, racing up and down the circuits there, the static in both of their palms trying to bridge the gap.

Tron isn't sure who breaks the stalemate - a word he'd learned from Flynn - and suddenly moves. Maybe it's both of them. But somehow they've gone from their hands hovering, silently daring each other to be the first, to gripping at each other's hand, meshing circuitry through cloth.

Tron gasps sharply, eyes wide, and yanks his hand away from the other program's. Immediately, Flynn is there, asking, "Are you okay? Did he hurt you?"

"No," Tron says on instinct, and belatedly realizes, at Flynn's stunned expression, that React has said it, too, in perfect unison with Tron's timing and tone. Tron would accuse React of being a copy, but it would be too true to be an insult. And besides, the resonance is... warm. Happy. Amused, Tron thinks, and cocks and eyebrow at React. React tilts his head and smiles faintly.

Flynn looks back and forth between them. He knows he's missed something. "Mind telling me what that was, then?"

"U-uh," Tron stutters, because all of the awkwardness he'd been dreading in booting up React has now come to pass. He wonders vaguely if Flynn knows what his brightened circuits mean, and the purple-tinged ones on his hand. Tron sits there like some null-bit, tongue-tied, and React comes to the rescue.

Well, the relative rescue, because what he says is, "It felt pleasant."

Tron's face burns, purple retreating from his hand, and he looks anywhere but at Flynn. Flynn looks, for his part, extremely confused. "But then why would you - oh. Oh. Okay, I really, really don't want to know. Do what you like, but don't tell me," he says, and drops it.

Tron looks up, surprised. He'd expected disapproval, at least. Odd. But he wasn't going to check a gift lightrunner's power level.

"Anyway," Flynn says, which would be a much more impressive attempt at changing the subject if his voice didn't glitch in the middle of it. He continues regardless. "That worked out pretty well. Most of the time it took me to write you-" He nods at React. "-was picking out the right bits of Tron's code and figuring out what I wanted you to specialize in. Now that I have the code, all I need are the ideas, so it should take much less time."

Tron nods in understanding. "Do you need either of us for anything?"

Flynn shrugs. "Well, sometime, I'd like to find out what React can do, but that can wait until the rest of the Guard are up. Can you do your...?" He makes a motion with his hands that Tron realizes, after some scrutiny, is meant to be him shunting energy into the Guards' bodies. Tron nods again, in confirmation this time, and then is blindsided by a yawn as the sudden rush from touching React leaves his system.

Flynn chuckles. "Okay. You get some sleep - you too," he adds, pointing at React, "and I'll wake you up when I'm done coding."

Tron agrees to this on default; it feels like half of his brain is already in standby, and he recognizes the crash that he usually gets after overloading. He stands in a manner than Flynn will later describe to him as drunken, and drags React over to the soft chair/cushion/thing that Flynn has told him more than once the name of, but he doesn't really care about.

Tron slips into standby mode almost as soon as he lies down, and he doesn't feel React curling around him like some kind of giant cat.

Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 07:20 am (UTC)
Jumpstart (Tron/OMC, implied Tron/Black Guard) 5/5
He feels it when he wakes up, though, and React shifting against him is enough to make his circuits flush purple. Tron pries himself up, determined to ignore the very happy - Users, that felt good - Guardsprogram trailing a circuit-lined finger down his back.

Flynn raises both eyebrows, apparently deciding he needs to disappear, and waves a hand at the thirteen or so other programs around the room. All of them have dark circuitry lining them - subtly different, but with the same basic pattern each time. This is evidently enough of an explanation, because Flynn takes it as his cue to vanish down the elevator, leaving Tron and React alone.

The resonance hums in the back of Tron's head, and he smiles slowly, pressing back into React, and more specifically, into React's hip nodes.


Copy what works, right?
OP is thrilled - crystalshard on April 10th, 2011 07:57 am (UTC) (Expand)
Re: OP is thrilled - inkmage on April 10th, 2011 05:46 pm (UTC) (Expand)
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 05:48 pm (UTC)
Reconnect (a sequel/epilogue thing) 1/2
Tron has known something is wrong all millicycle. He just can't place it, and it's eating at him like a gridbug swarm. It feels like there's some piece of him missing, like he was dumb enough to forget his disc somewhere, but when he checks, it's docked on his back like it should be.

He'd tried getting help from Flynn, but he can't put the feeling into words. It's not that he doesn't want to; the missing-something-feeling just defies his programming and makes him inarticulate. Practicing at Disc Wars or Lightcycles in the Arena does nothing to help. Tron is ready to derezz himself by hitting his head against the nearest wall.

So he resigns himself to ignoring the feeling and trying to focus on what Flynn is telling him, hoping that the feeling goes away.

Tron knows, even before he sees Clu walk up with circuits the color of the MCP's, that it's a futile hope.

Clu and Flynn are talking, but Tron is barely listening over the sudden aching, pounding sense of loss in the back of his head. He knows what it is a second later, when Clu steps back and the Black Guard file out from wherever they've been hiding, circuits blood-dark and red.

Tron staggers for a second, in shock and in the wave of loneliness and emptiness that engulfs him. That's what he's been missing, that's the feels that's been waving its arms like a bright warning flag all day.

The Guard have abandoned him, and he can no longer feel their resonance in his head. Tron scans the faces desperately, looking for some sign of recognition. React, Pyro, Autro, Scowt.... All of them look at him blankly and move to attack.

Tron unhooks his disc and snaps at Flynn, "Run! Go!" Flynn does, freeing Tron of distraction. Tron can afford to mourn later, whether Clu corrupted the Guards' code or they switched allegiances willingly.


Rinzler can't mourn. He doesn't know what it is.


The mourning comes later, after Clu and Flynn's reintegration. SamFlynn and Alan_1 are working on some of the other programs, the more salvageable ones, to see if they can undo Clu's rectification. Tron takes a cycle to the deep Outlands, where the only light comes from occasional bursts of data in the clouds. He set his disc on the ground beside him, sits down leaning against a nearby rock formation, and finally, finally, lets himself acknowledge the loss.

It hits him much harder than he'd thought it would, much more intensely. He bows his head and hears his breath coming harshly, raggedly, like it belongs to someone else. They are gone. Gone. After cycle spent training and working and feeling together, almost as one unit, they are gone.

Tron feels like part of his code has been torn off.

He doesn't know how many microcycles he spends just staring at the Outland floor and grieving for the loss of that connection. When the grieving turns into wishing, though, he stops himself. Wishing doesn't help anything, and it's a sign he's accepted that it won't come back. Can't come back.

Tron sighs, feeling his breath catch in his throat, and gets up to write the experience on his disc and rezz the 'cycle.

And then freezes, because along with his disc syncing, he can feel an almost alien, gridbug-light, tentative touch at the back of his mind.
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 05:50 pm (UTC)
Reconnect (a sequel/epilogue thing) 2/2
Tron, after a second of utter, wild, hoping shock, send the image of an open door along the link, and the feeling of joy. The second's involuntary; he couldn't stop it if he tried, but he wouldn't stop it if he could.

The link strengthens, becomes real and there and present and Users, what he was grieving for had to be a pale imitation of this because it was back, thank the Users, it was back.

Tron shuts his eyes and sends a question down the link - a tricky thing to do until they'd figured out a rudimentary sort of "language". He send a lot of images of faces - doesn't matter which, but he comes up with the Guards' - and the feeling of curiosity attached.

The answer he immediately gets is a picture of Raysar's face, and a feeling of being alive.

It's the feeling that tells Tron there's something to dread. Reluctantly, he sends some random numbers, 2, 14, 5, and again the curiosity. He gets a nine back, and a feeling of reluctant sickness that's rolling in Tron's belly, too.

Half-knowing the answer already, Tron sends an image of himself looking around for something.

The only answer he gets from Raysar is a feeling of deep, anguished loss, and a memory of a program deresolving into pixels.

Tron's circuits flash once, and he throws back his head and keens. There's no one to hear his loss out here but the cloud and datasphere above.

It hurts worse than mourning the loss of the connection did, even more so when Raysar sends him the faces they've lost. React, Scowt, Tress, Hion, Ketrel. All derezzed. Five connections that will never be again, after so much wild hope.

Raysar waits until Tron's cry of pain stops echoing in his head, and then gently asks where Tron is. Tron sends him a picture of the sector he's in, and gets a feeling of support and a picture of a moving lightcycle in turn.

Any others? Tron asks.

Autro, Pulse, Raysar says, Users touch-disc-now Cyrus. They/we there soon.

By "there" Raysar means the back of Tron's head, and also physically where he is now.

Tron smiles and collapses back against the rock he was leaning on. He's waited a thousand cycles. He can wait a few microcycles more.
Crystalshard: *Tron - Lightcyclecrystalshard on April 10th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Reconnect (a sequel/epilogue thing) 2/2
Oh. My. I think I love you. Send my thanks to your plotbunny, because this is so much more than I ever dreamed of. Poor Tron, mourning the loss of the connection and the guards, and then finding that some of them survived. The sheer joy of knowing they made it.

(If I remember correctly, Tron derezzed all four of the Black Guard with Clu. Shouldn't React, Pyro, Autro and Scowt all have died?)
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 10th, 2011 06:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Reconnect (a sequel/epilogue thing) 2/2
:D I'll pass along the gratitude.

And maybe. I don't know. I didn't actually remember how many Guards there were/how many had died, so I went with fourteen to begin with, and assumed some derezzed because of Tron and some in the plane fight and some just along the way. So there are nine, now.

Actually, if Tron derezzed four and we assume all three (I think there were three) from the plane fight died, and add a few more along the way, then the Guard is left with about... 14 minus nine or ten leaves us with about five. Well, it's possible either Tron or Raysar misinterpreted. *shrugs* The mind-speak-connection-thingie isn't an exact science. It's like Charades.

...That's not too hard to fix, really. Instead of "Raysar sends him the faces they've lost," it should be "some of the faces they've lost."

There you go, I completely meant what you think I did. It was a typo. XP ;D
Crystalshard: *Tron - Lightcyclecrystalshard on April 10th, 2011 06:55 pm (UTC)
Re: Reconnect (a sequel/epilogue thing) 2/2
Ahhh, a typo! I understand now ;)
noctavalnoctaval on April 11th, 2011 11:46 pm (UTC)
Re: Reconnect (a sequel/epilogue thing) 2/2
Bawwwww and there was more. So happy rn. And sad, for Tron, but also happy some of his buddies survive T_T
Fallowsthorn: retroinkmage on April 11th, 2011 04:03 am (UTC)
Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 1/?
Oh, Users. WHY am I doing this. WHY. (Well, because it's guilt-free procrastination, and it means I'm still being productive. Plus it's fun and I'm a complete comment whore. And I need the practice writing porn. And I'm finding it impossible to let this universe go, dammit. But it's still procrastination....)

Anyway, have an epilogue/sequel... to your epilogue/sequel.... What does that make this? A tri-quel? A shameless excuse plot, that's what. I don't care.

It's actually about a fourth of a millicycle before the rest of the Guard get to the sector Tron's in, since they have to take the less treacherous route on their copy/pasted lightcycles. Tron doesn't mind. It gives him time to think, and "talk" with Raysar and the others when they get close enough to connect comfortably.

Communicating like this reminds Tron why he hadn't done it very often, before the coup. It's more raw. The data transfer requires him to puzzle it out, sometimes, and more often than not one of them has to send back the memory of what someone has said with curiosity attached, their standard way of asking for elaboration. It awes Tron, whenever he thinks about it, that there still is a standard way. That it's still there, that it hasn't been lost.

Of course, it's also a lot harder to hide or censor what one is feeling, and when Tron gets a feeling of affection from the others he realizes he's been sending fierce loyalty across the link. He blinks for a microcycle, wavering, and then reinforces the feeling. He will not lose his Guard again.

A lot of their conversation is Tron informing the Guard of what had happened during and with Clu's reign, and to Clu himself. At least, he gives them the version Alan_1 and SamFlynn had given him, which is secondhand at best, and might be missing large pieces. It's better than the brief understandings Tron had had of the outside world while being controlled by Rinzler's programming, and it turns out the Guard had had much of the same haze obscuring their own senses.

He tells them of the actual coup last, perched on the rock he's been sitting on and scanning the horizon for the Guard. The links - five of them now, the last one faint with distance - go silent at his retelling. Tron desperately wants to change it, to lie, but he won't. Lying to his Guard would be quickly found out, and almost worse than the news that Tron himself was responsible for the deaths of four of their number.

He lets the memory trail away, swallowing and trying to stop the guilt he's feeling from infecting the link.

It doesn't work, of course. Tron can feel Raysar walk up behind him, near-silently thanks to the material the Gridsuits are made of. He senses the Guard's intention as Raysar's hand closes around Tron's upper arm, and Tron turns, sliding off the rock into Raysar's hug.

Tron stops trying to block off the guilt from the Guards and just lets it pour through the link, guilt for derezzing four of his Guards but also for the programs and Isos he'd derezzed, in the Games and on Flynn's orders. He buries his head in Raysar's shoulder and breathes in shakily, angry at himself for not being strong. His Guards must have derezzed programs and Isos, too, and none of them are shaking and unable to move.

Shock filters through the link from all five Guards, and something unidentifiable from Raysar, laced with protective anger at Clu. Tron relaxes, feeling Raysar rubbing his back comfortingly. Autro and Pulse arrive and join the hug as well, surrounding Tron in a cocoon of warmth and... acceptance. That's what he'd felt from Raysar, but couldn't quite place at first. Acceptance of past actions, and the consequences, of all of the Guard, not just Tron.

Tron shuts his eyes as Cyrus joins them, reaching out with his mind to embrace the others, shining gratitude at them. It feels odd, and after a moment Tron realizes why.

He hasn't felt like this since Clu took over. In over a thousand cycles, he hasn't once felt at peace.
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 11th, 2011 04:05 am (UTC)
Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
I will never let this go, Tron thinks, and doesn't realize he's "said" it until almost all of them chuckle and send him varying pictures, of what their hug must look like to an outsider and a list of memorized information and two hands holding on to each other and a disc coming back to its program and, from Pyro as he joins the group, a memory of them all, even the now-derezzed Guards, working together to destroy a large gridbug swarm. We know, the pictures say, and the feelings that accompany them. Neither will we.

Tron shudders involuntarily, and wonders why he's so surprised.

It's probably significant that Autro figures it out before Tron himself does, and says out loud, "You are worth it, you idiot." And his resonance gives Tron a picture of purple circuits and a mental image that would make him derezz from embarrassment if it were anyone but the Guard. Let us show you.

A circuited hand - Tron isn't sure whose - runs down the circuit line in the center of his back, circling his disc and palming the port. Tron shudders again, this time in pleasure, and moans, half in his head and half out loud. He shuts his eyes all the way from where they're half-lidded, and narrows his world to touch and the resonance of the connection.

At first he's mind-breakingly in six different places at once, but then the rest of the Guard gets the same idea and lets go of the physical world, entangling themselves in each others' consciousnesses. The pleasure from the writhing mass their hug has become resonates across the links, a bit cautiously at first and then with abandon, spiking when one or more of them slip into the same position. The same pressure Tron had felt when the Guard were just coded builds again, steadily growing stronger but not hurting, exactly.

Tron realizes he's purring throatily and grinds against Raysar, needing the easy contact if nothing else. All six of them are starting to overload ridiculously quickly, and there would be more to that thought except Tron's vision goes white. He/they ride/s the tide of electricity that has nowhere to go, shaking with it until it dissipates into the air.

It feels amazing, and when his/their vision clears, there's a second where he's/they're all one being with six heads and twelve arms and twelve legs, and then his/their mind/s retreat back down the links and they become six programs with separate names and functions again. Then they're all holding on to each other, trying to stay upright. It doesn't work, and they end up sitting rather hastily before they topple over, laughing in the aftermath of that exhilarating rush and sending tired, happy warmth across the links.

Of course it's not the best. But nothing's the best right now, and it won't be for cycles, maybe forever. Tron thinks that maybe this is the closest he can get.

We know, five programs tell him affectionately. Now shut up and standby already, we're tired.


Later, Sam sees Tron lounging around with the rest of what's become known as the Old Guard, plus a few members of the normal, new Black Guard that are becoming integrated. He's doesn't think it's odd - after all, they've just gotten back from patrolling and nabbing gridbugs, they deserve the rest - except for that none of them are talking. They're all completely silent, and most of them aren't even looking at the others, just the ceiling or the floor or wherever their gazes happen to fall. Occasionally one of the new guys will frown, and look confused, but the expression soon clears up, usually with a smile from one of the Old Guard.

When he walks in on them all having sex later, also completely silently, he takes the brain bleach rather than the offer of an explanation or an invitation to join.
Crystalshard: *Tron - Lightcyclecrystalshard on April 11th, 2011 05:30 am (UTC)
Re: Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
You . . . you . . . *speechless with joy*

You took a silly little idea oif mine and made it into a whole, well-defined universe, and then you keep giving me delicious fic in it.

The way that the Guard soothed Tron's emotional pain was lovely (and hot), and I was nearly crying with happiness. And then came the last couple of paragraphs, and I nearly derezzed laughing. New Guards, all joining in the link and getting explanations, and then poor Sam and his brain bleach. I wonder how easy it is to delete your own memories on the Grid?
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 11th, 2011 06:10 am (UTC)
Re: Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
:D Probably pretty easy, since everything's written on the discs... but that means he won't have a reason not to follow the Guards the next time they all disappear together.... ;D
Brightdreamer (Mel): tron - rinzler landscapebrightdreamer on April 11th, 2011 06:31 am (UTC)
Re: Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
This series was probably the most interesting and one of the hottest uses of circuit!sex I've seen yet. Also, the whole idea was so heartbreaking and intimate at the same time. I love Tron's connection with the other guard.
fxtxaot3fxtxaot3 on April 11th, 2011 07:00 am (UTC)
Re: Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
(Not OP) Jesus, I'm falling SO in love with this little Universe like you wouldn't believe! I'm even wanting to play in the sandbox with this one like I rarely want to do with other fanfic!

I loooovelovelovelove Tron and the Black Guard, they're so absurdly sweet! In the first sequel, they struck me as very brotherly in their relationship. And then this happened, and even though I don't like incesty things at all, it was still a-ok. I think it falls into the same realm as Transformers-fandon Lamborghini-twincest for me. It's technically incestish at face value, but on further exploration, not-incesty just enough that it's quite alright. The Lamborghini Twins are actually the same soul in two bodies, and the Black Guard are totally just other Programs that are similar enough to Tron that they share a link, not brothers. So it can be completely porny and I love it!

But enough of this rambling. I love this ficverse! And I would totally love it if you wrote more of it, because this is just SO! SWEET! There's something about "psychic" bonds between characters like this that hits something so right with me, I don't even know what. It's one of the reasons I love Transformers fanfic so much and something I've always been kind of sad I couldn't figure out how to incorporate into Tron, even though it could have been possible if I figured out how to do it right. The thought of all of them sitting in a group and conversing mentally and bringing in the new kids into the group and involving them in the great big group-cuddle-mental-hug love just makes me giddy. hehehe :>

Plus...Tron and a group of pretty, pretty security protocols sitting in the middle of a big sexpile and using those mental connections is just downright delicious. *3*

Speaking of sexy sexy security programs, what do the Black Guard look like under their helmets? Are they close enough to Tron's programming that they look like him, or are they different?

Eeeeeeehn...I really just want more of these guys! psychic-bond-lovers is a total kink of mine, I swear.
Fallowsthorninkmage on April 11th, 2011 01:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
:D Whoa! *grins like a loon because it's six in the morning and this is wonderful* Um, wow. Thank you.

...I don't know what they look like. They're an amalgam of Tron's code and what Flynn coded, so they probably look like a cross between Alan and Flynn in varying degrees. Like how their circuits are all the same basic pattern with slight variations (just enough to tell them all apart if you don't, say, have a psychic link telling you which is which). 8D
noctavalnoctaval on April 11th, 2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Every Once In a Thousand Cycles (Tron/what's left of the Black Guard) 2/2
All of these fics make me so happy. <3 I love the whole mental bond thing, and Tron in a happy cuddle pile. And poor Sam, haha! I feel bad for the guy... but really, Sam, it would've been awfully hot if you joined in...